FOX 8.5" Chef Knife Ebony Wood Handle

FOX 8.5" Chef Knife Ebony Wood Handle
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This beautiful and versatile cooking knife is specially designed for both professional chefs and home cooks who want the perfect cutting tool.

If a 9 or 10 inch chef knife is more than you want (and a little big to be honest), the Foxel 8 inch chef knife is the best choice.

The Foxel chefs knife can be used to effortlessly and easily prepare the most complicated dishes, from precise slicing and dicing of small foods to smooth carving of tough foods like melon and squash.

Our chef’s knife is made of the highest quality materials and sharpened on a fine whetstone to produce a razor-sharp 29-degree edge. Because German steel is more flexible than Japanese steel, anyone can hone it. If you’re someone who believes in great food, even while camping (or the RV park), this rugged knife is great as an outdoor cooking knife.

Our 8 inch chef knife is backed up by a customer focused no-questions-asked 365 day return policy. Whether you treat yourself or buy it as a present, this chef knife will retain its timeless design and provide reliable service for years. It makes a wonderful present for anyone who appreciates beauty in cooking and loves the satisfying feel of a properly designed blade.

Do you want to read about knives all day or get on with your life? It’s time to cook with this exceptional knife :)

🔪 JAPANESE INSPIRED AMERICAN DESIGNED CHEFS KNIFE - Inspired by Japanese chef knife design, Foxel’s ultra-sharp chef’s knife is among the best kitchen knives available. This 8 inch chef knife is the best cooking knife for professional chefs and home cook enthusiasts looking for perfectly blended style and function. Whether you’re an experienced pro or an eager beginner, this top chef knife is the final touch on any kitchen knife set

✅ EASY-HONE GERMAN STEEL - What good is a chef knife if it dulls quickly and isn’t razor sharp? And what fun is constant sharpening? (No good and no fun.) That’s why we choose high carbon German 1.4116 stainless steel for this professional blade. Where Japanese and other Asian steel is brittle and can only be maintained by experienced professionals, 1.4116 can be honed by anyone and won’t chip. If you treat it well and keep it out of the dishwasher, it will serve for years to come (decades even)

🔥 USE IT FOR ANY FOOD - This kitchen knife rocks! Constructed by master knife makers to be used for any kitchen task, it will turn any vegetable, meat, fish, or fruit to ribbons. We choose a 29-degree edge for superior cutting and longevity. Other blade angles are either not durable or won’t cut well. Whether you want to cube, carve, chop, mince, slice, cut, rock, dice, hash, or julienne… it will deliver. This chef’s knife can go blade to blade with the most expensive kitchen and chef knives

❤️ UNCONDITIONAL RISK-FREE 1 YEAR RETURN POLICY - You are happy or you don’t pay. It’s that simple. We offer our customers a no-questions-asked one-year return policy on all of our products. Our clients’ absolute satisfaction is paramount, and we’ll do whatever it takes to set things straight. We want to be the company you choose for any knife purchase, for the rest of your life. So, if you are dissatisfied with your purchase for ANY reason, we'll replace it or give a 100% refund, your choice

✨ DON’T KNOW WHAT TO GIVE AS A GIFT? Don’t worry! This knife won’t fail to impress the most critical of people. With its handsome blade and ergonomic handle, the Foxel 8 inch chef knife is perfect for men or women. Shipped in a presentation gift box, this knife lets the recipient know, even before they open it, this is something to treasure forever. Ideal for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day gift… With a Foxel chef’s knife, you can feel at ease ending your search

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