25 Tips On Cooking Bacon From Michelin Star Rated Chefs and BBQ Champions

June 01, 2022 Carewkey Content

Blanch your bacon for 30 seconds in boiling water before placing it into an ice bath, this ensures that the meat is cooked evenly and all the way through. Afterwards, roast or smoke it for 8 hours at 140°F to make it tender, crispy, and sweet. Finally, season it with brown sugar and maple syrup. - Chef Grant Achatz, 4 Michelin stars, owner of Alinea in Chicago, Illinois   Cook bacon sous-vide style in a vacuum-sealed bag to infuse the smoky flavor right into the meat. Then bake it at a low temperature to get the perfect texture before seasoning...

79 Cooking Tips From Michelin Star Rated Chefs

May 17, 2022 Carewkey Content

79. Keep fresh, unwaxed lemons in your freezer. Once frozen, grate lemon zest over your completed dish for a refined taste. - Chef Berwyn Davies, 1 Michelin star78. The key ingredient in Italian bread soup is stale bread! All you need to do is toss in other ingredients such as carrots, tomatoes, and herbs. - Chef Steffaneli, 1 Michelin star 77. Don't limit yourself when making gnocchi; try Russet potatoes and burnt flour for a whole new flavor. - Chef Alex Hong, 3 Michelin stars76. Cured ham, bread, garlic, and tomato are all the ingredients you need to make a Catalan...