About Us

We started Foxel on a whim. Never did we think it would actually be successful. As a side project, we started Foxel behind the backs of our corporate jobs. We were bored with our normal life and felt there was a lack of quality and service in kitchen products. We created our first line of steak knives. After launching we thought to ourselves "that was a fun little project, now back to our real lives." But then our sales started to grow, and grow, and grow! So much so, that we had to quit our jobs. We were blessed to be able to leave that life and leap full time into creating beautiful products that people love.

Here at Foxel we strive to provide you with excellent kitchen products and service. We want your experience to be exceptional. We want you to be excited about the knives you use to craft and eat your food. Your knives should be ones you can't help but show off when you have friends and family over on the weekend.

We hope we can earn your business and trust, for life.

365 Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason at all, we will refund your knives no questions asked. However, if you wanted to let us know why you didn't like them, we would be so happy ;)

We are located in Las Vegas, Nevada and have been in business for over 3 years now. Already we have created amazing products that are sure to impress.

You can contact us anytime at support@foxel.me or on our personal line at 702.970.3691 to chat knives, talk food, or text us your favorite gifs ;)