79 Cooking Tips From Michelin Star Rated Chefs

May 17, 2022 Carewkey Content

79. Keep fresh, unwaxed lemons in your freezer. Once frozen, grate lemon zest over your completed dish for a refined taste. - Chef Berwyn Davies, 1 Michelin star
78. The key ingredient in Italian bread soup is stale bread! All you need to do is toss in other ingredients such as carrots, tomatoes, and herbs. - Chef Steffaneli, 1 Michelin star 
77. Don't limit yourself when making gnocchi; try Russet potatoes and burnt flour for a whole new flavor. - Chef Alex Hong, 3 Michelin stars
76. Cured ham, bread, garlic, and tomato are all the ingredients you need to make a Catalan sandwich. - Chef Andrew Zimmerman, 1 Michelin star
75. Place an ice cube in the center of your burger patty when cooking. It will melt and moisturize the meat - Chef Elliot Graham, 2 Michelin stars 
74. Adding milk, water, and salt when cooking cauliflower keeps it bright white. - Chef Michael White, 1 Michelin star
73. Making mashed potatoes with French cheese and smoked butter gives them a whole new flavor. - Chef Suzette Gresham, 2 Michelin stars
72. To get the best-tasting asparagus, cure and peel the stalks before rolling in equal parts sugar and salt. Let sit for 10 minutes then rinse off and prepare as desired. - Chef Shea Gallante, 1 Michelin star
71. When preparing potatoes for mashing; drain the excess water, return to the hot pan, and cover for about five minutes so they dry out and become easy to mash. - Chef Wolfgang Puck, 2 Michelin stars
70. Ask the fishmonger or butcher for you to see and smell the products up close. - Chef Eric Ripert, 3 Michelin stars
69. When you need more oil, add it along the edges of the pan to ensure it is hot by the time it reaches the center. - Chef Anita Lo, 1 Michelin star
68. Shmaltz or chicken fat has a rich flavor and can be used in many dishes. - Chef Tony Maws, 1 Michelin star
67. Instead of using a shopping list, buy the items that look good. - Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, 3 Michelin stars       
66. You can add freshly grated wasabi to your mashed potatoes for more flavor. - Chef Mary Katsumuro, 1 Michelin star
65. Prepare a great burrito by using leftovers such as chicken, green onions, and roasted pepper. - Chef Curtis Stone, 1 Michelin star
64. You can serve caviar with egg whites, egg yolks, and red onions on buttered toast for points with your guests. - Chef David Shim,1 Michelin star
63. For a unique sub/hoagie/grinder, use mayonnaise, vinaigrette, lettuce, and chili paste. - Chef Curtis Stone, 1 Michelin star
62. Give your BLT sandwich extra flavor by adding bacon vinaigrette. - Chef Mazen Mustafa, 1 Michelin star
61. Perfect vegetable soup? Start with your onions, peppers, and diced carrots sauteed in oil before adding any liquid. - Chef Shaun Hergatt, 2 Michelin stars
60. When preparing lentil dishes, keep the water at least an inch above the lentils. - Chef Attul Kochhar, 1 Michelin star
59. Add a dash of white soy sauce or soy sauce and a splash of agave syrup to sweeten and balance your ceviche. - Chef Val Cantu, 1 Michelin star
58. For the perfect chicken salad, brine and steam the chicken until it is perfectly seasoned and tender. Mix with fresh apple, celery, pomegranate, seeds, and walnuts. - Chef Cristina Bowerman, 1 Michelin star
57. To make a Thai omelet, mix Thai soy sauce, Thai oyster sauce, and fish sauce with your eggs for a flavorful taste. You can also add vegetables. - Chef Beverly Kimberly, 1 Michelin star
56. To avoid the smell of garlic on your cutting board, smash it in a resealable plastic bag using the back of your knife. - Chef Laurent Tourondel, 3 Michelin stars 
55. The fresher the garlic, the sweeter it will be. - Chef Todd English, 1 Michelin star
54. If you want pasta carbonara that is more tasteful and classy, try adding Calabrian chiles. - Chef Andrew Zimmerman, 1 Michelin star
53. Add flavor to a chicken sandwich by adding sesame miso vinaigrette. - Chef Andrew Zimmerman, 1 Michelin star
52. When preparing food for a large group, avoid dressing the salad beforehand to prevent a soggy dish. - Chef Marc Forgione, 1 Michelin star
51. Keep flavored vinegar near you, you don't have to always reach for the salt. - Chef Art Smith, 1 Michelin star
50. For meat sauces, use a few drops of lemon juice vinegar. Don't forget to add a little cayenne pepper to lend substance to the sauce. - Chef Michelle Husser, 1 Michelin star
49. Ginger peel gives your food a spicier, darker taste. - Chef Attur Koccchal, 1 Michelin star
48. Do you enjoy your sandwich a little sweet and salty? Combine ham and pickles for satisfactory results, - Chef Joe Flamm, 1 Michelin star
47. Create a versatile bowl of ramen depending on what you have in your fridge. You can have eggs or even hot dog ramen! - Chef Brad Carter, 1 Michelin star
46. Transform your kale salad by making a dressing of black pepper, mayonnaise, lemon juice, and minced garlic. - Chef Beverly Kim, 1 Michelin star
45. Quality knives are a must-have. - Chef Christophe Cussac, 2 Michelin stars
44. Be organized in your kitchen by cutting vegetables and meat and making sauces before you start cooking. - Chef Richard Sandoval, 2 Michelin stars
43. Cook eggs sunny side up, deglaze the pan with sherry vinegar, then sprinkle the sauce on the eggs for a unique taste. - Chef Didier Elena, 2 Michelin stars
42. Avoid oil when boiling pasta; it will prevent the sauce from sticking to the cooked pasta. - Chef Missy Robbins, 2 Michelin stars
41. Put bacon or pancetta in the freezer for 15 minutes to make it firmer and easier to cut. - Chef Chris Cosentino, 2 Michelin stars 
40. Pull your steaks from the refrigerator one hour before grilling so they can come to room temperature. - Chef Geoffrey Zakarian, 1 Michelin star
39. Adding cheese rinds to vegetables and broths creates a whole new dimension of flavor. - Chef Paul Virant, 1 Michelin star
38. Whenever you are cooking for an important person, don't try a new recipe and a new ingredient at the same time. - Chef Marcus Samuelsson, 3 Michelin stars
37. A small drizzle of high-quality olive oil really brings out the flavors in your pizza. - Chef Nancy Silverton, 1 Michelin star
36. To ensure your salad stays crunchy when mixed with vinaigrette, season it with coarse sea salt and a little olive oil. - Chef Paul Liebrandt, 2 Michelin stars
35. No time to brine your chicken? No problem, just heavily salt it on both sides an hour before you cook it, then pat it dry and roast for a crispy taste. - Chef David Myers, 1 Michelin star
34. Spatchcock (meaning to split open for cooking) your turkey, thus going low and slow for a well-cooked Thanksgiving meal. - Chef Morgan, 1 Michelin star
33. Homemade vinaigrettes taste better than bottled ones. - Chef Bill Telepan, 1 Michelin star
32. You can serve caviar with egg whites, egg yolks, and red onions on buttered toast for points with your guests. - Chef David Shim,1 Michelin star
31. Lasagna gets better with each consecutive day that it stays in the fridge. - Chef Alex Hong, 3 Michelin stars

30. Make the grill do double duty by grilling other ingredients alongside your meat, such as peppers and onions. - Chef Mellisa Parello, 1 Michelin star

29. Caramelize onions faster by using a dry, non-stick pan over medium-high heat. - Chef Michae Mina, 1 Michelin star
28. To prevent your food from sweating, don’t overcrowd the pan when sauteing. - Chef Ryan Poli, 1 Michelin star      
27. Are you tired of your food sticking to the pan? Hold each piece with tongs below the surface of the oil for satisfactory results. - Chef Michael Psilakis, 1 Michelin star
26. Order is everything in the kitchen. make sure your freezer is well organized and keep the oldest items either at the top or front. Separate raw and cooked goods. - Chef Anita Lo, 1 Michelin star 
25. You don't have to buy all of your cooking ingredients. Check the ones that you can grow in your kitchen garden. All you need is good quality compost. - Chef Raymond Blanc, 2 Michelin stars
24. The butchering process is fundamental as it determines how long you'll have to cook your meat. Ensure you butcher your meat in the correct measurements per the dish. - Chef David Shim, 1 Michelin star
23. Ensure you have all the ingredients you need before starting to cook. This might sound simple but it’s essential! - Chef Jane, 1 Michelin star
22. Be organized in your kitchen by cutting vegetables and meat and making sauces before you start cooking. - Chef Richard Sandoval, 2 Michelin stars
21. Use a cake tester to test whether meat, fish, or vegetables are done. - Chef Daniel Humm, 3 Michelin stars
20. Cook what you enjoy eating and slowly add variations. - Chef Berwyn Davies, 1 Michelin star
19. Meatballs can be softened by adding milk, eggs, and bread. - Chef Ollie Dabbous, 1 Michelin star
18. Wrapping greens loosely in damp paper towels and placing them in resealable plastic bags keeps them fresh for longer. - Chef Hugh Acheson, 1 Michelin star
17. Why buy pasta when you can create your own from scratch? All you need is flour, oil, water, salt, and resting time for the dough. - Chef Brad Carter, 1 Michelin star
16. Making a chocolate soufflé is not complicated, it all comes down to melting chocolate, folding in eggs, and making a great meringue. - Pastry Chef Dan Kleihandler, 1 Michelin star
15. Want something you can use in several dishes and sandwiches all week? Try a braised or slow-roasted whole beef or pork shoulder. - Chef Anita Lo, 1 Michelin star
14. Use ingredients that give your salad a balanced taste. Corn adds sweetness and can be paired with radish or arugula. - Chef Srijith Gopinathan, 2 Michelin stars
13. For the best poached eggs, use fresh eggs, a pan filled with water, and a sufficient amount of white wine vinegar. - Chef Michael Tweedie, 1 Michelin star 
12. Don't throw away the bread crust, shred it and leave it at room temperature and you have a panko base for coating poultry or vegetables. - Chef Hiroki Odo, 1 Michelin star
11. Keep it simple, buy ingredients from the farmers market, and follow your instincts. - Chef Tony Mantuano, 2 Michelin stars
10. Leave your chicken unwrapped in your fridge overnight to dry the skin for a crispy top. - Chef Paul Liebrandit, 2 Michelin stars
9. Tired of eating overcooked eggs? After removing your eggs from the heat, add cold crème fraiche. This cools them and adds a creamy flavor. - Chef Gordon Ramsay, 7 Michelin stars
8. It is vital to break down every dish into smaller bits. Make sure you do the prep work over a couple of days, especially during major holidays. - Chef Michael White, 2 Michelin stars
7. Choose iron-cast cooking pans. They offer an even cooking surface and are easy to clean. - Chef Linton Hopkins, 2 Michelin stars
6. Making mashed potatoes is a delicate business. Try boiling them with their skins on and peeling them while they are still hot. That way, the potatoes won't absorb too much water. - Chef Gordon Ramsay, 7 Michelin stars
5. When baking chocolate goodies, make sure you don't add too much sugar so that the chocolate flavor stands out. - Chef Alain Ducasse, 21 Michelin stars
4. Don't get frustrated when chopping garlic! Add a pinch of salt to help break down its fibers. - Chef Gordon Ramsay, 7 Michelin stars
3. The key to making a beautiful risotto dish is staining the rice. This can be done with ingredients such as walnut sauce, cherry sauce, or Gorgonzola cream. - Chef Enrico Bartolini, 8 Michelin stars
2. When browning meat, blot the surface dry with a paper towel to ensure it doesn't release moisture when it touches the hot oil. - Chef Charlie Palmer, 13 Michelin stars
1. For an amazing potato purée, use butter instead of cream and cook the potatoes seasoned in milk. Take your time and gently mash all the ingredients together. - Chef Alain Ducasse, 21 Michelin stars

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