Contemporary Non Serrated Steak Knife 4 Piece Set w/sheathes

Contemporary Non Serrated Steak Knife 4 Piece Set w/sheathes
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  • The Smoothest Cut from the Best Steel - If you haven't tried a non-serrated steak knife before, you're in for a treat. This knife will glide through steak like a bird through air. VG10 Steel allows for a higher Rockwell hardness of 58-60 and therefore, a sharper cut. VG10 is a more expensive steel and that's why this steak knife set is priced higher. Other steels can't handle a higher Rockwell hardness. They become brittle at those levels making them prone to chipping.
  • Use More, Sharpen Less - Once again we are touting the amazing qualities of our VG10 steel. With a carbon level of 1.05%, this steel is more durable against hard surfaces like plates and bones. It will stay sharper longer, an incredibly important feature in non-serrated steak knives.
  • Kiss Rust Goodbye - Not only is VG10 incredibly sharp, it has a chromium level of 15.5% and molybdenum level of 1.2%. Meaning, it has very good rust resistance. Naturally, like any high-quality knife, you *still* need to maintain and care for it. There is always a risk of rust but, VG10 has one of the best resistances on the market.
  • 365 Days to Change Your Mind, a Lifetime to Replace - We know how important it is for every customer to be completely satisfied with every aspect of our knives. That's why you can change your mind up to 365 days later. If you aren't happy, neither are we. If you encounter defects of any kind, we will replace your knives with ones of equal or greater value.
  • Makes an Amazing Gift - Giving a gift is special and best done with exceptional presentation. That's why we specially designed our black gift box to make your recipient feel like a samurai opening the box of their first sword. Not to mention, they will remember you every time they use these amazing knives.

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